**Prices may vary in Gresham, call 503-665-6941**



In addition to the well known relaxation effects, massage benefits body & mind:

Increases blood & lymph circulation

Improves immune function

Reduces anxiety

Alleviates depression

Keeps skin nourished and healthy

60 minutes for $65

90 minutes for $85

(Call for information about couples massage)




A Japanese hands-on energy healing system, Reiki is excellent for stress reduction, increasing overall vitality, stimulating immune response & the body’s natural healing abilities. Also reported to clear spiritual and emotional blockages. Clients remain clothed during treatment.

60 minutes for $50

90 minutes for $75

“Bookend” your massage with 30 total minutes of Reiki: Add $15 to price of massage


Hot Stone Massage:

Basalt stones gathered from Manzanita Beach and Nehalem Bay at the Oregon Coast are heated and placed on your body. I then hold heated stones in
my hands to perform Swedish massage &, if requested, focused Deep Tissue work. The treatment includes a Chakra
Balancing, using semi-precious gems and an essential oil blend.

As the heat and weight of the stones sink into tired, overworked muscles, you realize there is nothing that can beat this unique treatment!

90 minutes for $95

120 minutes for $120

Please book this treatment 24 hours in advance so I may have the stones ready for you.


A single essential oil or blend is carefully chosen for you based on the focus of your session. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to treat anxiety, stress, muscle aches and pains, “foggy” thinking, and much more. For example: lavender is a well known relaxant, rosemary improves memory and concentration, eucalyptus eases muscle aches and sinus conditions, and orange is a great energizer.

Add on to any treatment: $5


Body Scrubs:

A delicious blend of salt, sugar, or coffee with carefully chosen botanical and essential oils is used to
exfoliate dead cells from your skin and stimulate lymph drainage. Relaxing in itself, the scrub is followed
with Swedish massage using a luxurious skin renewing butter. Combined, you have a recipe for soft, glowing skin!

90 minutes for $100


Hazelnut Mocha: Ground coffee, cocoa powder & astringent (yet moisturizing) Hazelnut oil are combined in this “truly Northwest” scrub.
Followed by a cocoa butter massage, this is a comforting and stimulating treatment.


Sweet Citrus Spice: Super-moisturizing organic sugar & honey with warming spices and refreshing citrus essence, followed by a vanilla shea
butter massage. Refreshing and decadent.

Lavender Luxury: Velvety Dead Sea salt soothes and detoxifies, and, combined with skin-healing botanicals like lavender, you are in for a wonderfuly
relaxing and renewing treatment. A refreshing spritz of floral water comes between the exfoliation and massage for an extra skin treat.

Please make your reservation 24 hours in advance as my scrubs are blended just for you!

Chair Massage:

Not enough time for a full session of massage? You can still reap the rewards by having the relaxation come to you! No disrobing necessary.

15 minutes for $15

30 minutes for $25

(Call for pricing information for offices, groups, or special events.)


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