Posted by: Mae | September 25, 2008

Fall is most definitely here…

Even though last night I saw some 80+ degree days coming up in the forecast, here today I’m feeling cold. I may even break down and buy the first bag of stove pellets–a move I have been putting off, since it would be like admitting defeat to the ever-spinning wheel that changes the seasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like fall, after all, that’s when my favorite holiday–Halloween–happens.  It’s the cold grey sky I can do without. I like bright sunshine, and warmth on my skin, and wearing sunglasses, and not driving home from work in the dark (yes, it’s already happening!). Driving home in the dark gives me the feeling that my day is completely over. At least when it’s still light outside, I feel like, “Wow! I could fire up the BBQ, turn the compost pile, and get some weeding in before I feel like it’s time to go to bed.” That doesn’t always happen in fall.

Well, on to the positive things! Like the topaz and garnet colored leaves on the ground (and, no, I don’t feel like I need to rake them–not today, or tomorrow. Maybe in January when I get stir crazy.). Or putting on a hat that I crocheted in bright colors. Or settling into a nice warm bath (which I don’t even think about in summer! Bathing happens in pools, lakes and rivers in the summertime–haha).

So, until we get those hot days this weekend–Summer’s last gasp–I’m going to haul home a bag of pellets, start the warm orange glow of my stove, and fill a tub with hot water and some warming herbs like ginger and cardamom, and maybe even a drop or two of black pepper essential oil, and revel in the changing of the seasons…

Posted by: Mae | August 28, 2008

Limited Time Offer–Body Scrubs with Sensaria $75

For a limited time only, I am offering my body scrub treatment with products by Sensaria.

I have available a Mango Salt Scrub & Body Butter treatment or a Green Tea Salt Scrub & Body Butter treatment.

Green Tea is protective, soothing, and slightly astringent, while Mango Oil is especially conditioning and softening to skin.

Both treatments gently exfoliated dead, dulling skin cells and restore essential minerals to give skin a healthy glow.  The body butters contain Shea & Cocoa Butters as well as nutritive botanical oils to deeply moisturize skin and protect against signs of aging.

Both smell wonderful as well!

Please call 971-645-3217 or visit my website to schedule your appointment today!

Posted by: Mae | August 21, 2008

Online Booking Now Available

I am pleased to announce that I have added online, real-time booking to my website.

This is exciting because, as some of you may have experienced, I have no receptionist, I’m a one-woman show! (and therefore, sometimes hard to reach)

Now you can go to my website here and book your appointment 24 hours, 7 days a week–from 1 to 45 days in advance! (Please call for same-day availability.)

Posted by: Mae | August 13, 2008

I have moved!

I have moved my practice to Finlandia Spa, located at 4715 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR, 97215.
You will love the new location. Quieter, more relaxing, and each room has a private hydrotherapy tub for luxurious whirlpool bathing!

For your convenience, it is located on the #15 Belmont Tri-met line as well.

To celebrate, I am offering a special. One-hour Swedish Massage with a 15-minute herbal whirlpool soak for $70! (You save $10.) Upgrade to a 90 minute massage for $15 more, and your soak is essentially free!

I have prepared a selection of blends, including “Lavender Rose”, “Muscle Mender” (including Peppermint, Sage, & Thyme–men love it!), and “Energizing Citrus” (with Green Tea, Rosemary, & Lemongrass). All include aromatic Epsom salts for happy muscles and happy minds.

If none of these appeal to you, let’s talk about a blend that does! (requires at least 24 hours notice)

Call 971-645-3217 to schedule your appointment today!
(and check out my new website: )

Posted by: Mae | March 18, 2008

Wonderful Epsom Salt Baths…

If you’ve never soaked your tired, sore body in an Epsom salt bath, you have no idea how relaxing it can be. I’ve often been amazed at how quickly it relieves my muscle aches, especially when I’ve been a bit too ambitious in the gym or garden.

I recently came across this article that gave me more information about why this works and how Epsom salts do more than just ease muscle pain.

From care2

Posted by: Mae | February 4, 2008

Send a Valentine to your Skin

“Beauty is more than skin deep”, the saying goes. But did you know that skin plays a much bigger part in our lives than giving us a tidy outward appearance? For example, skin:
-serves as a buffer to protect your internal organs
-helps regulate body temperature
-keeps pathogens out of the body
-is an important organ in eliminating toxins and waste products from the body.

Keeping the body contained and shielded from life’s inevitable scrapes and bumps means the skin is continually renewing itself. Your skin is made of layers of cells. New cells are created at the lower level and move up through the layers of skin as new cells are created. When they reach the outermost level, at the surface, they have become dry and somewhat hardened. Eventually they shed as the next level of cells ages beneath them.

Many factors, such as your body’s normal aging process, can slow this pattern of cell turnover and renewal. Skin loses its youthful glow and takes on a dull unhealthy appearance as dead cells build up on the surface. You can, however, stimulate cell growth and recapture that glow, as well as improve your skin’s detoxification process by following some easy (and pleasurable) recommendations.

1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. This helps eliminate toxins through sweat and hydrates your skin, plumping up the individual cells.

2. Eating a high-fiber diet rich in vitamins and minerals provides your skin and body with essential building blocks for health cell growth. It can also lower your body’s overall toxic load, especially if your diet consists mainly of organically grown, minimally processed foods.

3. Take regular exercise. It improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

4. Exfoliate regularly by dry-brushing or using a scrub. I like Sensaria’s Moisturizing Salt Glow. The salts gently exfoliate and contain trace minerals beneficial to the skin while oils from safflower and grapeseed attract and seal in moisture to the freshly exposed skin cells. And it’s luxurious without being overly oily. Follow up with a moisturizer for extra nutrients and hydration.

5. Get regular massage! It boosts circulation of blood and lymph, aiding in the delivery of nutrients to, and removal of waste from, the skin. Cell renewal is also aided by the reduction in stress. Stress hormones can cause tissues to break down rather than rebuild. Another example of how stress affects so much more than your mind!

By following these suggestions, your skin is pampered, soothed, calmed, and renewed. You enjoy improved health, glowing beautiful skin, and the pleasure that comes from caring for yourself.

To schedule a massage, call 971-645-3217.
To learn more about Sensaria products, visit my site.

Posted by: Mae | November 1, 2007

November Special!

Come experience a hour long Reiki session for $25. Book another hour long Reiki or massage session at your appointment and get $25 off the regular price of that session!

For example: at the end of your introductory Reiki session you book a massage. When you come in for the massage, you pay only $40!

Dial 971-645-3217  to make your appointment today!

Posted by: Mae | November 1, 2007

A much overdue update.

Happy November everyone!

I have been very busy these last months. My husband and I bought our first house in September and we repainted, unpacked, and redecorated. An exciting, but nerve wracking, process. We relocated to Vancouver, but my office is still in SE Portland.

I am getting my Washington state massage license within the next couple of months, and will be available for outcall massage in Vancouver once that arrives. I’m also considering a second location here. Check back for updates!

Posted by: Mae | August 16, 2007

August 18th: Hawthorne Day Street Fair

This Saturday I will be at the Hawthorne Day street fair with my massage chair and the chance to enter to win a gift certificate good for a fabulous 90 minute massage!

Not a gambler? Then get instant gratification with a chair massage at the Special Fair Price of $10 for 15 minutes.

I will be there from 11 am to 7pm. Hope to see you!

Posted by: Mae | July 17, 2007

July 28: Pets in the Pearl

I wanted to let you know about this great event coming up. Pets in the Pearl is a benefit for Dove Lewis Animal Hospital and the Cat Adoption Team and looks to be great fun for those who love animals. *Extra Incentive*–I have donated 2 gift certificates for 90 minute massages as raffle prizes. Click on the Cheshire for more info!


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