Why massage?

In our society activity is valued more than self-care. Keeping busy takes precedence over rest and renewal and workaholics are our heroes. All too often we live in our heads–going through the motions of life while already planning what to do next. As a result, we are constantly fatigued and mental and bodily health suffers.

Through massage I hope to provide you with a restful oasis where you can put your plans on the shelf outside and reconnect with the present moment. Let me help you reestablish the center within yourself so you leave refreshed, with a clean slate, body and mind united to accomplish the goals that are truly important to you.


I completed my 555 hour massage training at Oregon School of Massage in September 2005. While attending OSM, I received my Reiki I attunement from Frank Coppieters, PhD. and also took a class in Shamanic Healing with him. Other highlights of my massage education include Thai Massage (Level 1), On-Site Chair Massage, Shiatsu, and Massage for Labor and Birth. I am making plans to return to OSM to earn a certificate in Shiatsu, and have future plans to advance my training in Thai Massage and Pregnancy Massage.

I have also studied at Portland Community College and the University of Washington, where, among other excellent courses, I studied “The Psycho-Biology of Women”. I think this course really began to open my eyes to the reality that “health” is influenced by the mind and society in general as well as more tangible factors such as microbes, nutrition and lifestyle. The human being will never cease to amaze me!


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