Posted by: Mae | September 25, 2008

Fall is most definitely here…

Even though last night I saw some 80+ degree days coming up in the forecast, here today I’m feeling cold. I may even break down and buy the first bag of stove pellets–a move I have been putting off, since it would be like admitting defeat to the ever-spinning wheel that changes the seasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like fall, after all, that’s when my favorite holiday–Halloween–happens.  It’s the cold grey sky I can do without. I like bright sunshine, and warmth on my skin, and wearing sunglasses, and not driving home from work in the dark (yes, it’s already happening!). Driving home in the dark gives me the feeling that my day is completely over. At least when it’s still light outside, I feel like, “Wow! I could fire up the BBQ, turn the compost pile, and get some weeding in before I feel like it’s time to go to bed.” That doesn’t always happen in fall.

Well, on to the positive things! Like the topaz and garnet colored leaves on the ground (and, no, I don’t feel like I need to rake them–not today, or tomorrow. Maybe in January when I get stir crazy.). Or putting on a hat that I crocheted in bright colors. Or settling into a nice warm bath (which I don’t even think about in summer! Bathing happens in pools, lakes and rivers in the summertime–haha).

So, until we get those hot days this weekend–Summer’s last gasp–I’m going to haul home a bag of pellets, start the warm orange glow of my stove, and fill a tub with hot water and some warming herbs like ginger and cardamom, and maybe even a drop or two of black pepper essential oil, and revel in the changing of the seasons…


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